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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the individuals who sacrifice and do so much to create the fabric of our society, the foundation upon which our communities are built. This group of deserving individuals includes current and former members of the military, first responder groups (i.e. Police, Fire, EMT) and federal employees.

To this end we are crazy about stretching the technical limits of retail and have quickly become the largest and fastest growing e-tailer serving this deserving audience. Aggressively seeking deep discounts on behalf of our members, presenting it beautifully on the web and wrapping it with an unmatched experience in the form of service and content is what we love.

Core Values

As a company, we will strive to uphold the 5 guiding principles that make us who we are and shape where we are headed:

Highly conscious that GovX is serving a cause greater than ourselves

Competence - know what you are doing
Character - do the right thing, even when it is the harder path
Compassion - care as much about others and your teammates as you do yourself
Catalyst - remove obstacles and make things happen

Success is the result of the entire team working together. Share expertise and knowledge throughout the company and respect everyone's ideas. True inspiration may come from anyone.

If it's worth doing it's worth doing great.

We are aware that we must push hard to evolve and live up to the value our customers have grown to expect if GovX is to remain relevant. Constant push to reinvent ourselves and break down the status quo.