Pillow XL

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  • Wider and thicker than the standard Pillow X, the Pillow X Large delivers complete Klymit support, comfort, with lightweight, easily packed, super-soft performance.

Product Details


  • Expanded Cushioning: Wider, thicker configuration and softer materials make it a cushier alternative to the ultralight Pillow X. 
  • Self Centering X Design: The thoughtfully designed weld pattern helps center and stabilize your head to maintain comfortable contact with the pillow’s surface. 
  • Adjustable Height and Pressure: Simply add or release air to raise or lower pillow height and adjust firmness for customized comfort.
  • Sleeping Bag Compatible: Intelligently designed to fit inside amummy bag’s hood for secure comfort.


  • Rugged Material: The exceptionally lightweight and ultra-soft 30D stretch polyester top and bottom gives superior tear, puncture and abrasion resistance where it’s needed. 
  • Storage Bag: A 3”x 4” storage bag, sized specifically for your pillow, is included to maintain compactness and provide protection while traveling.


  • Ultralight Material: Used on the pillow, the ultra-soft 30D stretch polyester material sheds grams while maintaining appropriate durability.
  • Light and Packable: Weighs only 3.2 oz. and packs to 3”x 4”– about the size of a wallet.

Luxe Pillow Product Specs

  • Weight - 3.2 oz / 91 g
  • Dimensions - 12” x 17” x 4.25” / 56 cm x 32 cm x 14 cm
  • Inflation - 3-5 Breaths
  • Pack Size - 3”x 4” / 8 cm x 10 cm
  • Fabric - Ultra-soft 30D Stretch Polyester
  • Warranty - Klymit Lifetime Warranty