Men's Patriot Monsoor Rigger Belt

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  • The Monsoor Rigger belt is named after Michael Anthony Monsoor
  • 5000lb break strength
  • Added padding for maximum comfort

Product Details

(April 5, 1981 – September 29, 2006) was a United States Navy SEAL who was killed during the Iraq War and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.[1] Monsoor enlisted in theUnited States Navy in 2001 and graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training in 2004. After further training he was assigned to Delta Platoon, SEAL Team 3.

Delta Platoon was sent to Iraq in April 2006 and assigned to train Iraqi Army soldiers in Ramadi. Over the next five months, Monsoor and his platoon frequently engaged in combat with insurgent forces. On September 29, 2006, an insurgent threw a grenade onto a rooftop where Monsoor and several other SEALs and Iraqi soldiers were positioned. Monsoor quickly smothered the grenade with his body, absorbing the resulting explosion and saving his comrades from serious injury or death. Monsoor died about 30 minutes later from serious wounds caused by the grenade explosion.

On March 31, 2008, the United States Department of Defense confirmed that Michael Monsoor would posthumously receive the Medal of Honor. U.S. President George W. Bush presented the medal to Monsoor’s parents on April 8, 2008. In October 2008, Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter announced that DDG-1001, the second ship in the Zumwalt-class of guided missile destroyers, would be named Michael Monsoorin his honor. we dedicate this belt in his honor.

The Monsoor Rigger Belt is made of Type 13 resin treated webbing with a 5000lb break strength as well as a 5000lb break strength buckle. the stitching is a Tec 70 nylon bonded thread and our is equipped with our Patent Pending design which adds 1/4″ closed cell foam sewn in on the inside of the belt for maximum comfort. MADE IN THE USA.


   M       26" - 34"   
   L       34" - 40"   
   XL       40" - 46"