Flagrant Beard

Men's Black Stitched Belt

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  • Black stitched belt in Havana brown
  • Interchangeable, gunmetal buckle
  • Full grain 12/13 oz leather
  • Hand made by the Amish in Tennessee, USA

Product Details

A belt's duty is essential. It's the one piece that holds everything together--the loosely fit pants, the tucked shirt, and the oversized phone case. Shouldn't it look the part? Flagrant Beard's Black Stitched Belt is as striking as it is durable, and as appealing as it is comfortable. The bottom line is the Black Stitched Belt looks good and gets the job done. 


  • Full grain 12/13 oz leather
  • Articulated curve
  • 1/8”+ thick leather
  • Black stitch on Havana Brown
  • Hidden cuff key pocket
  • Finished edges
  • Five ovalized holes (1″ between holes)
  • Threaded Chicago screws allow for interchangeable buckles
  • Gunmetal buckle
  • Hand made by the Amish in Tennessee, USA

Flagrant Beard’s belts are in even sizes, measured from buckle tip to the middle hole. For the best possible fit, measure your favorite belt from buckle tip to the hole you use in inches, and order that size rounded to the nearest even number.

Stylistically, Flagrant Beard decided on a 12/13 oz “English” bridle leather (just over 1/8″ thick), making it perfect for bearing the weight of your daily load and more.

Flagrant Beard also chose elongated, oval holes forcing the buckle to lay flat. The Flagrant Black Stitched Belt is offered in 11 sizes ranging from 30″ to 50″, ensuring you get the perfect fit, and the Chicago screws still allow you to swap out buckles. Most importantly, Flagrant Beard has increased the articulation of the belt, making it even more comfortable.

This “English” bridle leather is an example of innovation and expertise in tanning. The U.S. native steer hides are vegetable tanned or veg tanned (all natural from tree bark and other parts of plants) in large vats for 30 days. After tanning, it is drum dyed for true dye penetration and then stuffed with greases, tallows and waxes that make it weather resistant, and add strength, life, and durability.

Made by the Amish in Tennessee, USA.