Clearance - 5150 Elite Field Fixed Knife

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  • Full tang fixed blade
  • High quality steel ensures wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high compressive strength
  • G-10 handles
  • Sheath guarantees safe carry and immediate deployment
  • Slightly larger than FirstEdge's 5050 Survival Knife

Product Details

In partnership with the U.S. Special Forces, FirstEdge™ created a tier of folding knives that set a new standard for foldable blades with their TrackLock Locking Mechanism and Elmax® Steel build. Proof of this newfound pinnacle of innovative craftsmanship lies in the fact that FirstEdge™ Folding Knives are used currently in the training and deployment of the U.S. Special Forces.

ELMAX® Steel:

Produced by Bohler-Uddenholm of Sweden, ELMAX® is “High Chromium-Vanadium-Molybdenum” alloyed steel, made of 18% Chromium, 3% Vanadium, 1.7% Carbon, 1% Molybdenum, 0.8%Silicon, and 0.3% Manganese. This particular fusion of elements creates a steel that guarantees high wear resistance, superior corrosion resistance, and high compressive strength. The ELMAX® advance powder metallurgy technology allows for these rare performance capabilities. The steel is hardened to 60-61 HRC, resulting in excellent edge retention and high impact resistance. It is easily sharpened and holds an edge comparable to carbon steel alloy.

ELMAX®, when compared to other stainless steels, excelled in performance distinguishing itself from the competition. Other steels might do well in one aspect, but fall short in other fields--performing poorly in the broad spectrum because of trade-offs. For example, a steel might be tough but difficult to sharpen; sharp but prone to corrosion and rust; rust-resistant but a softer blade. ELMAX® makes no sacrifices in its phenomenal build. Clearly, Elmax® steel is simply the best there is, and it’s been proven. It is ready to handle the most extreme of conditions from underwater scenarios to high temperature environments.

KYDEX® Tri-Composite Knife Sheath:

This impressive knife sheath is comprised of KYDEX® panels containing two hardened, stainless steel liners in between which allow for rapid disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly saving you precious time. Added drain holes aid with moisture absorption and preventing the intake of sand grit. The sheath allows for the knife to be easily snapped into place, and then again released with positive thumb pressure, which prioritizes safe carry and quick deployment. Sheaths can endure extreme environmental conditions without cracking.

Knife Features: 

  • Full tang fixed blade
  • ELMAX® Stainless Steel Blade – .210” Thick / 11” Overall Length
  • Hardened to 60-61 HRC
  • 1.25 lb. packaged weight / 13.4 oz. knife only
  • Flat ground blade
  • Coarse textured black G-10 handles
  • Striking pommel
  • Lanyard hole
  • Stainless steel hex fasteners
  • Black oxide finish on blade & fasteners

Sheath Features: 

  • Molded kydex 
  • 3” nylon webbing
  • Box “X” stitching
  • Stainless steel hex fasteners
  • Stainless steel sheath liners