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ChiselR - Liquid Collagen Protein Shots

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ChiselR is a great tasting liquid protein that supplies 15 grams in a small one-ounce serving. This hydrolyzed formula provides rapid absorption of all the essential and non-essential amino acids your body needs. It is ready to go from the bottle and each bottle has 30 one-ounce servings.

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Product Details

Hydrolyzed protein has been broken down into smaller molecules for rapid absorption. This allows the amino acids to get to the target muscle cells for faster recovery. You get all the benefits of typical protein in a faster absorbing formula.

ChiselR is a concentrated liquid protein from collagen. It contains all the amino acids you need for cell repair and growth. Protein is the primary element of life. They are the building blocks that build your body. You cannot build lean muscle without appropriate protein supplementation.

For athletes using large amounts of protein, ChiselR is very convenient to use right around your workouts or when you are on the run. You can still be supplementing with the SculptR protein along with ChiselR at different times of the day.

We use this type of protein in our medical practice for people with very delicate digestion. It is so easily absorbed we can even put it in patient’s feeding tubes. Easy absorption and large amounts of protein in very small volume make ChiselR a favorite for women, all elite athletes and even the beginner just starting to refine their protein demands.