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GeneratR - Pre-Workout/Heart Formula Powder

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Why should I use GeneratR & why does it work?

Arginine is an amino acid that the body needs for protein synthesis. This helps with muscle recovery after a workout and with muscle endurance. L-Arginine helps increase blood flow by keeping the vessel walls open and flexible. Arginine is most efficient and effective at stimulating the Nitric Oxide (NO) pathway.

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The discovery of Nitric Oxide as a single molecule was awarded “molecule of the year “ in 1992 and the Nobel Prize in 1998. Nitric Oxide increases blood flow to the muscle to increase muscle growth from exercise and increases lean muscle mass. Because of the mechanism of increased blood flow, Arginine aids in muscle recovery and improves muscle endurance during a workout. Arginine has been shown to naturally increase the release of human growth hormone. This is vastly potentiated if done prior to exercise. Arginine has been shown to improve blood glucose and insulin metabolism. It has been demonstrated to improve immune function, which is important for athletes putting their bodies under stress. Arginine is necessary for the synthesis of creatine that improves muscular development. Arginine taken before exercise has shown to increase time to exhaustion. Because of these factors, Arginine has become a popular pre-workout supplement. However it is usually bottled in too small of a dose. Talos Nutrition put in 5,000mg per serving in our pre-workout formula that is more than double the amount that many pre-workout formulas contain.
Other medical uses of Arginine include: lowering blood pressure, reducing heart disease, and improving recovery time after surgery as well as reducing the number of infections and improving wound healing. The drug Viagra is prescribed for erectile dysfunction. Viagra stimulates the Nitric Oxide pathway as L-Arginine. It is a very effective way of treating erectile dysfunction in men and improving overall sexual health.
Arginine is very safe and should be taken 30-60 minutes before a workout. Some extreme athletes will also take it twice a day, before workouts and repeat another dose at bedtime.

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is used to help reduce muscle fatigue. Its main purpose is to potentiate the production of L-Arginine. In order for the body to increase the quantity of L-Arginine, Citrulline is required for this reaction to occur. Consider L-Citrulline the wingman to Arginine
Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant. It is well known for its ability to improve heart health and the health of the blood vessels. As an antioxidant it is very effective at scavenging damaging free radicals. It also plays a role in stimulating the Nitric Oxide pathway. Resveratrol helps in recovery time with certain injuries. Most recently Resveratrol has been shown to activate the longevity gene. Research continues but in short, it appears to turn on some of our good genes and turn off some bad ones, specifically as it relates to the heart and brain and reducing cancer. It is because of Resveratrol that there has been so much debate about red wine at this contains Resveratrol. The problem with red wine is the negative effects of the alcohol can outweigh the positive effects of resveratrol making it very dose dependent in that form. Taken in supplement form there are no negative effects.
Curcumin, or turmeric, is a great antioxidant and a unique anti-inflammatory. Because of this it is used for a multitude of health conditions. In athletes it is used to reduce inflammation and decrease stiffness and pain as well as increasing and improving recovery times between workouts.
Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is involved with cellular energy. It is a powerful antioxidant and part of the cells mitochondria. This is where all the energy is produced for cellular functioning. It is critical for tissues that require a lot of energy like heart, brain and immune system. Most people are deficient due to poor diet , illness or taking statin drugs.

We have also added healthy doses of other vitamins that are commonly used to help with athletic performance.

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