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SculptR - Protein/Meal Replacement Powder

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SculptR contains a protein mix of high-grade Whey, Whey Isolate, and Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). We’ve also included trace minerals, enzymes, probiotics, and Garcinia Cambogia for added benefits. Whey Isolate protein contains all the essential amino acids in higher concentrations than any other protein source, including plant-based proteins. 

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Product Details

A common problem in improving athletic performance is inconsistent use of essential building blocks to supplement a good exercise regimen. Athletes might use supplements here and there, when they remember, or if it’s convenient or affordable, or if it tastes good enough. In our medical practice we hear it all the time: I work out so hard and I’m not losing the weight I should, I’m just not getting stronger, I’ve hit a plateau, my body fat just won’t go down. To solve this problem we have combined many of the most essential supplements into one protein mix. Most companies will not do this and you are forced instead to buy four or five separate bottles of supplements to get these foundation ingredients. By combining them in SculptR, we’ve made it both convenient and affordable. For the same cost, you can replace those four or five bottles with one specially formulated, effective product.

SculptR protein is used to increase muscle mass. Whey Isolate has higher amounts of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), which
have been shown to increase exercise endurance, increase muscle coordination, decrease muscle soreness, and speed muscle recovery. With 5 additional grams of BCAA in SculptR Protein, athletes don’t have to take BCAA’s separately. Whey Isolate is more hypoallergenic than purely milk based proteins, as much of the potential allergen part of the milk protein and casein have been removed. Whey Isolate also has the advantage of converting to a certain amount of glutathione, a very potent and important antioxidant for our overall health, muscular endurance and recovery. Because Whey Isolate improves glucose and insulin metabolism, it also reduces body fat. Whey protein has proven benefits of improving muscle strength and body composition, boosting activity of the immune system, weight loss (specifically fat loss), preserving muscle loss as we age, reducing blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, reducing cardiovascular disease and improving recovery time. This Whey Isolate protein combination is considered a fast protein, quickly reaching the portion of the gut that absorbs it. Then hydrolysis slows down for greater absorption over a length of time in the small intestine.

It’s often said, “You can’t build a house without lumber.” Without sufficient protein building blocks, muscles cannot grow and become stronger. Many people over-train for the amount of protein they are consuming. This is often referred to as “protein wasting” and muscles will actually break down rather than grow. Simply stated, to increase muscle mass and strength your body breaks down muscle fibers and then sends more protein to patch the tears. If your body does not have the protein building blocks, it cannot repair the muscle sufficiently to build the physique you are training for. Your ability to build and maintain muscle and increase athletic performance will suffer.

At age 30 muscle mass typically begins to decline 1%-2% per year in healthy adults. This loss of muscle mass accelerates to 5% per year by age 60. The athlete trying to improve muscle mass and strength not only has to offset this process, but make gains as well. It is typical for athletes to need at least 1.5-2 g of protein /Kg of body weight /day, and sometimes more for high-level athletes doing extreme workouts, or if an athlete is already carrying more muscle mass than the average person.

SculptR is the ideal formulation. It is well tolerated and affordable so you can be consistent with your training, avoid protein wasting in your muscles, and see improved athletic performance due to sufficient supplementation.

SculptR Protein is even more powerful with additional key nutrients to optimize its effects. 

  • Digestive enzymes help breakdown food to improve absorption. The enzymes in SculptR help proteins, carbohydrates and fats assimilate as efficiently as possible.
  • Vitamins, minerals and trace minerals supply and replenish the basic nutrients your body needs for optimal function.
  • Probiotics are the healthy, friendly bacteria that inhabit our intestines. Healthy probiotics, gut flora, or the micro biomes are critical to a healthy immune system and overall great health, as proven by countless medical studies. The future of our general health and wellbeing will be found in healthy gut flora. For the best benefits, take them consistently, in multiple strains, and at high cultures.
  • B-vitamins are needed for energy production and cell metabolism. They help break down carbohydrates, fats and protein so the body can use them. B-vitamins also help improve immune function, balance blood cholesterol, are part of hundreds of enzyme reactions in the body’s cells, and maintain healthy nerve function. Recent research shows B-vitamins also lower stroke risk. B-vitamins are water-soluble and need to be supplemented. Since absorption is an issue, higher doses ensure enough nutrients reach the body. Athletes typically need B-vitamins at a higher dose to keep up with their physical demands.

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