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1080 Freeze Dried Vegetables and Sauce Bucket

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  • 1080 servings of freeze dried vegetables and various sauce options
  • Gourmet quality and great tasting
  • Prepare in minutes with boiling water
  • 25 year life span

Product Details

The Freeze Dried Vegetables and Sauce Bucket allows you to pair your high quality vegetables with numerous sauce options as you desire. This blend of gourmet food is freeze dried and ready-to-serve after just a few minutes in boiling water. These conveniently packed and condensed veggies can be stored away in case of a disaster situation, or simply used for on-the-go meals when time is a pressing matter. Simply put, this package provides long-lasting gourmet vegetables that are ready to go anytime--be that this instant or 25 years down the line.

1080 Servings of Vegetables and Sauce:

  • Corn - 216 servings
  • Peas - 144 Servings
  • Broccoli - 216 servings
  • Green Beans - 216 servings
  • Mushroom Sauce - 72 servings
  • Cheese Sauce - 72 servings
  • Cream Sauce - 72 servings
  • Butter Sauce - 72 servings


  • Freeze dried
  • Great tasting
  • Lightweight and condensed packaging
  • Nitrogen flushed Mylar pouches
  • Easy to prepare
  • Transport with ease
  • 25 year shelf life