Men's Vigilant Jacket NFR

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There are a number of reasons to wear flame-resistant garments – from the catastrophic to the negligible and from the frequent to the unlikely; explosion, burning fuel, flame, hot gun barrels, hot vehicle exhaust, hot parts, hot shells, drying near a fire and many other day-to-day risks. The KTS™ VIGILANT™ Jacket and Pant are designed to help protect you from these everyday risks, but ultimately, they are designed to help protect you from the unpredictable.

Product Details

When the fight comes to you, the flame-resistant properties of the KTS™ VIGILANT™ Jacket and Pant can help reduce burn injuries. This protection is integrated into the exterior and interior using Nomex® materials including the thread used throughout the gear. The KTS™ VIGILANT™ Jacket and Pant are specifically designed and tested to no-melt, no-drip and no-fuse standards.

Preparing for your day brings up several questions: Will the gear fit over my body armor? If I zip up my gear how quickly will I be able to access my kit? Will my gear hold up to unpredictable circumstances? Should I sacrifice comfort or protection? Now you don’t have to choose. The KTS™ VIGILANT™ Jacket and Pant are designed from the ground up to be compatible with your body armor and accessories while simultaneously being weatherproof and breathable.

The front entry panel with magnetic closure allows quick access to center-mounted magazines while the jacket is fully zipped. The body armor gusset on the back of the jacket prevents any constriction of movement and allows room for your kit on the back of the plate carrier. Zippered entries allow access to kit on your sides and back without removing or unzipping the jacket. The KTS™ VIGILANT™ Jacket and Pant allow you to be comfortable and dry for long periods of time which means you will be more alert, more mobile and more effective when the unpredictable occurs.