Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker

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Bold, tenacious and pushing colossal sound, this is FUGOO Sport XL. Featuring 8 acoustic drivers for true 360 sound, waterproof and dust proof with 35 hour battery life and a USB port to quick charge your phone or tablet. It even floats in water for easy recovery making it an ideal active speaker around the pool, lake or ocean. Unique to FUGOO Sport XL, the 6 control buttons on top glow in the dark so even on a night camping, you’re still in control.

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Product Details


FUGOO Sport XL is the ultimate waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Designed to float on water for easy recovery, it’s the perfect teammate for the beach, paddleboarding, kayaking and surfing. Add on the Portable Shoulder Strap, and your audio becomes as versatile as you are.


Supercharge your game with the loudest, highest sound quality we’ve ever produced. 8 acoustic drivers push out up to 97 decibels of sound pressure to create the ultimate listening experience. Plus, with speakers facing all directions at an 8-degree upward tilt, you’ll put everyone around right in the sweet spot.


Float it, drop it, soak it or bounce it. FUGOO Sport XL takes a beating and gets back up. This large but portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker is stacked with super durable waterproof cloth, fiber-reinforced resin shell, a resilient rubber trim, shock-mounted components and sturdy end caps that absorb impact on all eight corners without breaking a sweat.


It’s not just the 38 watts of power, 2 extra tweeters and 3 additional control buttons that make FUGOO Sport XL the ultimate audio teammate. There’s also a fast charging power bank and flat cable cord to ensure your phone and favorite devices stay charged up and game ready. The FUGOO Sport XL also features glow in the dark buttons.


8 symmetrically placed drivers crank out clean highs, midrange punches and deep, roaring lows. With 4 tweeters, 2 mid/sub drivers, 2 passive radiators and a 97 db sound pressure level, the CORE-XL fills large rooms and outdoor adventures with rich, immersive audio.


Best-in-its-class battery life means more than a day and a half of continuous jams, uninterrupted experiences and all-out adventures. Only 3.5 hours charge time and your ready to go another 35 hours.

360° SOUND

Speakers line all four sides of the FUGOO body to fill the room with clear highs, bassy lows, and all-around premium audio. Each speaker is tilted upward to put everyone right in the sweet spot.


With Apple iOS Siri and Android Google Now accessible through your FUGOO Bluetooth speaker, you’re a voice command away from scores, weather, text dictations and voice searches. Oh yeah, It’s a speakerphone as well.