My Core Control

Women's Heated Ski Jacket

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MYcore™ Women’s Heated Gear Ski Jacket…

Product Details

  • Heated using My Core Control™
  • Personal Thermal Control Technology
  • Powered by two rechargeable 3.7 volt lithium-ion batteries (7500 MHA total)
  • Three levels of adjustable heat
  • Up to 12 hours of performance 6 hours on the high setting
  • Sizes: S-XL
  • Pattern: Red or Royal Blue
  • Approximate battery Run Time / Heat Output
  • High (100%) 135°F 6 hours
  • Medium (75%) 130°F 9 hours
  • Low (50%) 125°F 12 hours
  • The My Core Control Jacket comes with a Charger that can be found in the Lower Right Pocket of the jacket.
  • Charging the My Core Control Jacket is very simple. Simply plug the charger that you received with the jacket into an outlet. You’ll then need to take your jacket and plug the Charger Adapter Cable into the Controller Charger Input. (Refer to the Components section to locate the Controller Charger Input.)
  • A Pulsing green light will appear on the My Core Control Button, indicating that the jacket is now charging. (If the My Core Control Button does not pulse with a green light, refer to the Components and Installation sections to make sure the components are properly connected.)


  • Once the My Core Control jacket is charged quickly press and release the My Core Control Button (1) to control the heat of the jacket. The heating elements located in the left and right wrists of the jacket will begin heating. (It should take approximately 10 minutes to reach the desired temperature, but could take longer depending on charge and atmospheric temperatures.)
No Light | Default Button
(This is the default state of the My Core Control Button when the light is off.)
Off | 3 Second Hold Until Light Turns Red
Press and hold the My Core Control Button for 3 Seconds. (A Solid Red Light will appear for 1 second and then turn off. The jacket is now off and will no longer heat, though any residual heat from use will still be noticeable afterwards.)

Heat Settings

  • The My Core Control Jacket has 3 different heat settings. The settings are High, Medium, and Low. (If the desired setting is passed, simply press the My Core Control Button until the desired setting returns.)


  • When washing a My Core Control Jacket, simply remove the Controller and Drone from the jacket and make sure to zip the pockets back up. Make sure the Controller and Drone are not inside the jacket when you wash it.
  • We recommend hand wash / air dry or dry cleaning.
  • Once cleaning is done, you may then reinstall your Controller and Drone.