Tactical BOS Pack

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Oh ye everlasting battlefield... where forces collide and victory or defeat is imminent.

Product Details

On the mountain, in the air, at land or on sea, the BOS Tactical Pack craves your next excursion. Built for the ultimate assault with 2,200 cubic inches of storage and an ultralight Hypervent™ Suspension, the BOS Tactical Backpack laughs in the face of its enemies.
  • Adjustable Pack Compression
  • Load Transferring Lightweight Internal Frame
  • MOLLE Compatible
  • Fits Reservoir Size (liters): 3L
  • Carry Compatible: BOW
  • Total Weight: 3LB 10OZ
  • Dimensions: 15"X22"X12"


  • HYPALON Let's face it....You put a lot of stress on your hunting gear. As you should! Certain areas of your pack are bound to take more abuse than others. Through a scientific process we call "beating the living hell out of it" we found these "high stress areas" and added reinforcements. Hypalon is one of the highest strength, yet flexible materials known to man and we had to have it. We bought up the world's supply and use it on all high stress areas on all Badlands packs. Why go the extra mile you may ask? Because at Badlands the giving never stops.
  • HYPERVENT™ Any endurance athlete or mechanic for that matter will tell you that the biggest threat you face when it comes to performing at peak levels is HEAT. It depletes your body of energy faster than any other factor. Badlands Hypervent Technology was designed to allow high volumes of air to pass between you and your pack. This allows you to stay cool and dry in even the most extreme environments and stay at those peak performance levels longer. Badlands Hypervent packs were also designed to wrap around your body's shape and work with your body's natural movement instead of against it. The result is long lasting comfort, increased stamina, reduced sweat and even reduced odor. Your friends will thank you....your prey will not.
  • SCHOELLER® KEPROTEC® Keprotec® is fabric taken to the extreme. In fact, it's often used in sports such as motorcylce racing because of its extreme abrasion and tear resistance. When it came time to design the Badlands Black Series of tactical packs, we sent search parties far and wide to find just such a material. We didn't know what they'd come back with or if they'd even come back alive. They returned triumphantly with Keprotec® in hand and Badlands Black was born. The absolute best in durability at an astoundingly light weight. Badlands and Keportec® are changing the tactical game one pack at a time.
  • ARAMID BARTACKING Aramid fibers are fibers in which the chain molecules are highly oriented along the fiber axis so the strength of the chemical bond can be exploited. What does that mean? Well….we're not sure exactly but we do know that one strand of this thread can lift 110 lbs so we don't really care! Yes, all of the yellow bar-tacks you see on our packs are aramid thread and no, yellow isn't our favorite color. These fibers are so strong and dense that they can't even be dyed another color. At least it's not pink....