Source Scouting Pack

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The Badlands Source Hunting Day Pack and Bino Holder is the first ultralight backpack and binocular case to ever be fused together. Now you can carry food, water and survival essentials on your back, while having the most comfortable set of bino straps you have ever used in front. And to think, that only took 17 years to come up with...

Product Details

  • Integrated Bino Holder
  • Elastic Shoulder Straps to eliminate bounce
  • Reservoir Included
  • Ultra Light Ripstop Fabric
  • Fits Reservoir Size (liters): 3L
  • Total Weight: 1LB 11OZ
  • Dimensions: 17.5"X9.5"X8"
  • Pocket: 2
  • Volume Main: 425 CI
  • Volume Total: 1100 CI


  • ULTRALIGHT RIPSTOP Did you know that ripstop material is used in hot air balloons and in parachutes? Two activities in which you REALLY don't want your gear ripping….so let's add hunting to that list. So it might not be "life or death" like skydiving but you might wish you were dead if your pack suddenly rips to shreds when it's filled with 100+ pounds of fresh elk and you still have 3 miles to go back to the truck! Our Ultralight Series of packs feature Nylon Ripstop Fabric for two reasons - 1: To keep them ultralight (you probably already figured that out) 2: To put your mind at ease that your pack will take whatever load you throw at it. We're all about peace of mind here....and shooting stuff. We really love shooting stuff.
  • AIRTRACK™ Badlands AirTrack™ Suspension is the "Frankenstein" of several Badlands revolutionary technologies. Molded foam is amazingly comfortable. It sits well against your back and hips and provides long lasting comfort when hauling weight. The enigma was…how do we make it breathe? With Badlands AirTrack™ Technology we build channels into the foam so air can effectively pass between your body and your pack. In addition, we use a breathable mesh over the foam as another layer of comfort and ventilation. The result is warm air escaping and cool air entering through "tracks" all across your back and shoulders. The other result is outlasting your peers and pure bliss. Thank you cards can be sent to Badlands Headquarters.
  • ARAMID BARTACKING Aramid fibers are fibers in which the chain molecules are highly oriented along the fiber axis so the strength of the chemical bond can be exploited. What does that mean? Well….we're not sure exactly but we do know that one strand of this thread can lift 110 lbs so we don't really care! Yes, all of the yellow bar-tacks you see on our packs are aramid thread and no, yellow isn't our favorite color. These fibers are so strong and dense that they can't even be dyed another color. At least it's not pink....