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Microcotton Luxury 2 Piece Bath Set - Ivory

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MicroCotton® is a trademarked brand for an exceptionally high-quality cotton yarn. It is 100% natural cotton with a very long staple length (much longer than the commonly used qualities of Egyptian cotton) and is silk-like in its finest.

Product Details


2 Bath Towels : 27" x 54"

  • It absorbs water almost instantaneously – about 250% faster than a regular cotton towel.
  • It dries quickly when hung-up or in the drier, drying is less than half the time of the best qualities of Egyptian cotton towels.
  • It does not lint, so the towel will last for many years with normal use and care.
  • It takes 120 fibers to make up the thickness of the loop yarns (versus between 30 and 40 for a regular towel) and it is this high fiber count quality that allows the MicroCotton® towel to absorb faster than any other towel because of the much higher number of spaces between the fibers.
  • MicroCotton® towels are dyed with high quality, azo-free reactive dyes that are completely friendly to the environment.
  • The natural softness of MicroCotton® towels can be enhanced by routinely washing your towels with one third or less of the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer for your type of machine – towels are designed to absorb and they will retain excess soap which will make them feel harsh.
  • Select second rinse option on your washing machine if available.
  • Tumble dry on low (preferred) to medium heat – Dry no more than a half load of towels at a time to keep them fluffy.
  • Never use fabric softeners or drier sheets – these products coat the cotton yarns to make them feel soft, but will prevent the cotton from absorbing.

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