Super Nova Jacket

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Through the magic of science, Badlands‘ down is not only waterproof but actually generates its own heat (up to 6 additional degrees) when it makes contact with the human body (freaky we know). The result is a weight to warmth ratio never before possible. For the record, no geese were harmed during the making of this coat but we can’t say what will happen to them while you are wearing it...

Product Details

  • Low Bulk Down Jacket With Extreme Warmth
  • Allied HyperDRY™ Down™
  • Allied ThermaDown™™
  • Dupont® Teflon DWR® Water Repellent
  • Built-in Stuff Sack
  • Thermographic: 5
  • Total Weight: 15oz
  • Pocket: 2
  • Material: INSULATION

Badlands 4X™ Technology has set the bar as the ultimate in scent containment. In true Badlands fashion we weren't even close to content with the simply industry standards for containing odor. You are working hard on your hunt and hard work produces noticeable scent. Our mission was to make the noticeable become undetectable. Step One: All Badlands 4X fabric is coated in silver. Silver attacks mirobes and destroys bacteria. This is that "industry standard" we mentioned and where most companies call it a day. We moved on to Step Two: If coating the outside is good, then coating the underside is even better. After the inital coat, we roll it up and send it through for a second coating of silver. Odor originates on the inside of your garment so it only made sense to hit the funk where it starts. A tad excessive you might ask...of course it is but this is Badlands - we just can't help ourselves. Step Three: Using a technique we call Bio-Mapping, we determine the areas where the human body sweats and produces the most odor. In these key locations, we chose fabrics made from bamboo and coffee. “What and What, you say?” Yes, bamboo and coffee have an incredible ability to kill bacteria and absorb odors. So we thought "why not use it in our hunting clothing?" When converted into fabrics, these organic materials also produce some of the softest, best wicking, environmentally friendly textiles known to man. The fact is: Since they occur as a natural property, even over time, neither coffee nor bamboo will lose their ability to perform vital duties - unlike topical sprays and carbon, which degrade with each wash. Who else but Badlands would take scent containment all the way to an ‘Atomic level’? Step Four: All of this is very intriguing and actually works quite well. Except for one thing.....jackets and underwear are not air-tight. Therefore, the odor that escapes from your sleeve cuffs, neck and torso area sends a nasty message to animals that “things are not going to end well." This problem can never be stopped completely. However, we have devised a little method called Scent Gasketing. In theory, by lining these escape routes with our bamboo and coffee fabrics, much of the air is “scrubbed” as it leaves the garment, thus managing odor more effectively. There you have it, The Badlands 4 step approach to scent containment. Simply put, nobody in the industry has thought about or attacked it from as many angles as we have. So when you pick up that other brand, just ask yourself- “do you feel lucky? ya punk?”

ThermaDown™ utilizes a natural particle-based thermoreactive nano-coating that, through the emission of infrared energy, increases the natural benefits of down. Using body heat as a catalyst, the ThermaDown™ IR active down utilizes a body’s emitted heat by trapping that energy in the particles coated on the down and transmitting it back within the high-infrared spectrum. This infrared energy is easily absorbed back into the body providing all the benefits of infrared subcutaneous absorption – gently increasing circulation helping to re-oxygenate muscles and keep the body temperate.

The result is a unique down that actively works with your own body heat to keep you warm, dry, energized, and comfortable in any condition or clime.

Proprietary blend of thermoreactive minerals to emit infrared energy at temperatures activated by body heat
Incorporates HyperDRY™ technology to provide extreme water resistance
Washable – particle coating will last the lifetime of the garment

HyperDRY™, Allied Feather & Down’s newest water resistant down technology, is built upon the years of research and development of the previously successful Allied Resist® Water Resistant Down. Constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, Allied has developed proprietary nanotechnology treatments and procedures creating the most effective water resistant down on the market. These methods provide an invisible coating that does not compromise the texture or color of the fill and when the treatment is applied to Allied's superior down, the results speak for themselves.

Currently tests over 80% longer than other water resistant down on the market in industry standard DWR shake test
Tested for PFOA and PFOS

You hear the term all the time in hunting equipment - "DWR." But do you know what it stands for? Durable Water Repellent. At Badlands we use only the best DWR on our apparel. We know nature can be a seriously fickle and frustrating lady so you need to be prepared. Dupont® Teflon fabric protector repels moisture, dirt, stains, oils and perhaps most importantly for you - blood. It's kind of like magic - watch it bead up and roll off. Hey, if it's good enough for your pots and pans, it's good enough for your hunting clothing!

The Badlands SRS™ (Scent Reduction System) is our way of creating "antimicrobial warfare." Let's just say we're winning the battle. Found in our Biothermic™ apparel and baselayers, the Badlands SRS™ ensures that the ultimate anti-microbial treatment penetrates deep into the fabric's fibers. The result is Badlands 1, Odor Causing Microbes 0. Unlike similar treatments that will wear down extremely quickly, the Badlands SRS will effectively last up to 50 wash cycles. And let's be honest...with how often you wash your clothes, that's basically a lifetime.