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30 Day Crash Diet Package

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It’s that time to get in shape again and it looks like you might need to take drastic measures! The 30 day crash diet is the fastest way to shed extra pounds.

Maybe you need to beat your physical assessment test, get ready for a loved one to come home, fit into your uniform better, or just want to look amazing fast.  The 30 day crash diet can get you there.

30 day crash diet will cut your appetite and boost your metabolism with the clinically based AdvantraSlim.   Replace a meal with the amazing tasting All Natural Protein to shed pounds and feel amazing.  Continue to shed pounds and get an amazing night sleep with Sleep it Off. This unique mix of products work together for astounding results!!

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AdvantraSlim is most effective when taken 30 Minutes before eating and contains two clinically proven ingredients that help with appetite suppression and fat burn. AdvantraSlim focuses on using safe, natural and clinically proven ingredients that help you feel full sooner and longer. AdvantraSlim works naturally to enhance the release of cholecystokinin (CCK), a naturally occurring satiety factor. AdvantraSlim- also increases the metabolic rate without affecting heart rate or blood pressure to facilitate utilization of energy and uptake of amino acids into muscle and increasing breakdown of fat.

Protein – WMNutrition All Natural Protein is designed to support both a weight loss and workout program. WMNutrition protein is a high quality whey protein isolate complete with all essential & non-essential amino acids. WMNutrition Protein is Naturally gluten-free and lactose free. WMNutrition All NAtural Protein also helps maintain levels of the antioxidant glutathione and is good for gut bacteria to promote healthy digestion. All Natural Protein tastes amazing and is individually packaged for on the go use. It tastes great in either water or your daily smooth. All Natural Protein is so refreshing as a snack and or meal replacement. Best of all it has less than 100 calories per serving!

Sleep it Off- effects are usually felt within 15-30 mins. Sleep it Off contains clinically proven ingredients that promote sleep and fat burn by increasing resting energy expenditure (REE), which the body uses to burn off more calories. It also stimulates thermogenesis; which allows the body to burn calories from stored fats and enhances glycogen sparing, promoting an increase in energy production. Sleep it Off also improves cortisol levels, insulin sensitivity and naturally balances hormones. It also protects the immune system, helps combat the effects of stress, Improves learning, memory, and reaction time. It helps reduce anxiety and depression, helps reduce brain-cell degeneration, stabilizes blood sugar, helps lower cholesterol, offers anti-inflammatory benefits, and enhances sexual potency for both men and women. Sleep it Off promotes deeper sleep allowing your body the full benefits of the WMNutrtition System.


Protein – Replace 1 meal with protein (preferably breakfast) – can be blended with fruit for low cal smoothie

AdvantraSlim – Take 1-2 times daily 30 minutes before mealtime (preferably before lunch and dinner). Mix with 16 oz of water and drink entire contents.

Sleep it off – Take 30 minutes before bedtime – Take either straight to mouth or mix with 2-3oz of water and drink entire contents.