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Bamboo Sheet Set - Grass

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Naturally silky soft and exceptionally comfortable – Feels like silk and is naturally light and strong.

Product Details

Bamboo Sheet Set Includes:

  • 2 Pillow cases
  • 1 Fitted sheet
  • 1 Flat sheet

  • Superior to cotton in moisture management & ventilation control – has a cool feel and prevents stickiness in warm conditions – It wicks away water 3 to 4 times better than cotton. A cross-section of bamboo fiber shows that it is filled with micro-gaps and micro-holes (unlike other wood fibers which are relatively smooth), giving the bamboo fabric excellent moisture absorption and ventilation characteristics thus causing the user to feel cooler and more comfortable than having other fabrics next to their skin.
  • 100% bamboo fiber sheets will naturally help keep you 2 to 3 degrees cooler when you’re hot.
  • The structure of bamboo with its small pockets will trap body heat if you are cold to help keep you warm.
  • The 250-count twill weave construction gives these bamboo sheets unique high comfort and performance characteristics not found in high count sheets.
  • Bamboo is naturally and permanently antibacterial which helps keep the sheets fresh and clean smelling between washes. 
  • Bamboo is an Environmentally Friendly ‘Green’ product – no chemicals are used to grow it and it is a highly sustainable crop – grows/re-grows 3+ feet per day.
  • Our bamboo sheets use 2 and 3 year old stalks for superior strength.
  • Our bamboo fabric does not use extensive bleaching processes most of the industry uses to turn bamboo fiber white for easier dyeing. .
  • Bamboo is extremely strong and these sheets will last for many years with normal use and care.
  • No pilling – outstanding drape – excellent color retention.
  • Unlike other wood fiber sheets on the market, our bamboo sheets have very little residual shrinkage, about 2% in either direction after multiple washings.
  • Will fit mattresses up to 20” thick after multiple washings.
  • Fitted sheets have elastic all around for better fit on your mattress. (We recommend that the fitted sheet be pulled tightly under your mattress to keep any excess fabric from bunching-up on the bed when sleeping.
  • Flat sheets are oversized.
  • Easy care, Machine washable – no ironing is needed when the sheets are removed from the dryer at the end of the cycle and smoothed as folded. If not able to remove at the end of the drying cycle, simply run the dryer for a couple of minutes at a low temperature and then remove and smooth as folding.

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