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STACKED New York Argentium silver bangles and bands are proudly made in New York, harnessing the city's energy to create jewelry that is both street smart and spiritually connected to the universe. 

Product Details

We believe every number carries special meaning, and wearing a certain number of STACKED New York bangles or bands can symbolize a hope, dream, challenge, or circumstance in your life. Adorning yourself with talismans of personal or spiritual significance is a reminder of your broader connectivity to the universe and those around you.

All STACKED New York bangles and bands are handcrafted from Argentium silver—a 100 percent recycled, hypoallergenic, luxury silver that is purer than traditional sterling silver and specially formulated to retain its bright white luster. We use a proprietary antiquing process on our vintage style bangles and bands to give them rich black and gray tones.


  • 4 mm wide luxe diamond-cut silver stacking band. 
  • Made in New York with 100% recycled Argentium silver.


How do I take care of these beautiful Argentium bangles and bands?

We’re so glad you asked! To keep your Argentium silver STACKED New York jewelry looking as gorgeous as you do wearing it, please always store your jewelry in the STACKED pouch provided. While Argentium silver is a highly tarnish-resistant luxury silver that will retain its whiteness far beyond standard sterling silver, it will eventually show signs of aging. Fortunately, there is an easy fix to getting your gorgeous Argentium silver bangles and bands looking as good as new:

  • At the first sign of any color change on either your silver or blackened silver pieces, take a cotton cloth or cotton ball and gently wipe the piece with Windex with vinegar (not ammonia) or hand sanitizer. Unlike sterling, Argentium displays a more yellow/copper tone than gray/black. 
  • Avoid using any commercial polishing cloths or silver cleaners on your Argentium silver stackable bangles and bands, as these are much too harsh. Also, as with your other precious metal jewelry, it's always best to remove it before entering swimming pools or hot tubs, or if carrying out any activities in which the jewelry could come into contact with chemicals.