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Skeletonized Magazine Retention with Gear Retention Track Belt - 3 Pack

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Seletonized Magazine Retention with Gear Retention Track, Belt Version (3 Pack) Black

Product Details


  • 3 SMR Boxes
  • 3 Dust-E's
  • 3 GRT Belt Adapters

The Skeletonized Magazine Retention (SMR), is a magazine holder with maximum retention and minimal material. The SMR, is adaptable to the Gear Retention Track™, which is a modular, low profile track system.

The Gear Retention Track™ (GRT) - Belt, allows you to attach any GRT accessory directly to your belt. The Multi Belt Stabilizer accommodates three different belt sizes. Sizes include: 2.25", 1.75", and 1.50".

The SMR Dust-E attaches to the bottom of the SMR with a simple, yet secure snap fit. The installation process takes seconds. The Dust-E makes sure that dust and debris do not get lodged into the magazine.