Multi-Sport Cardio & Cycle Watch

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  • Multi-sport watch with built-in and innovatively constructed heart rate monitor
  • Five “intensity zones” for diverse training
  • Multi-platform compatibility for tracking, analyzing, and sharing stats
  • Includes bike mount and cadence/speed sensors

Product Details

With cardio, you get back what you put in. So, give it your all. Maximize your cardio training with the Multi-Sport Cardio Watch. Understand how your body handles your various exercises with the built-in heart rate monitor, that flaunts the most innovative sensor technology, proven more accurate than electrocardiography in independent tests. Whatever mode you’re in when entering a workout, your Multi-Sport Cardio Watch will match it with five diverse intensity zones ranging from “easy” to “sprint.” The bottom line is you should feel more confident and assured in your cardio training, allow the Multi-Sport Cardio Watch help make this possible.

Heart Rate Monitor: 

Heart rate monitoring is the single most accurate means to understand how your body is responding to exercise.

  • Innovative technology: Get accurate heart-rate information without the need for a separate chest strap. Your heart rate is measured through a sensor in the watch that monitors changes in the blood flow in your wrist. This is done by shining light through the skin and detecting the changing light reflections.
  • Highly accurate: Independent testing has shown that the built-in Heart Rate Monitor is "extremely accurate" compared to electrocardiography.
  • Heart Rate Zone: Select a zone to match your training goal and always know whether you need to speed up or slow down.

Five intensity zones

Train in one of five intensity zones, depending on your goal.

  • 5. Sprint: mostly used as part of interval training.
  • 4. Speed: high-tempo training to improve your speed and fitness.
  • 3. Endure: moderate to high tempo training to improve your lung and heart capacity.
  • 2. Fat Burn: moderate tempo training, great for weight loss.
  • 1. Easy: easy tempo training, mostly used for warm-up and cool down.

Running Information:

See real-time running, cycling and swimming information at a glance.Track your distance, time, pace, speed and calories burnt as you train on an extra-large display.

Full-screen graphics

  • Stay in your optimal heart-rate zone
  • Race your past performances
  • Achieve your distance, time, pace,and calorie goals
  • See laps and interval training on an extra-large display

Multi-platform compatibility

Track, analyze and share your stats on popular running sites or apps.

In The Box:

  • TomTom Multisport Cardio
  • User Guide
  • Desk Dock
  • Bike Mount
  • Cadense/Speed Sensors