Sport Jacket

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The perfect blend of durability, sound quality and style. Submerge it, drop it, cover it in mud – it's designed to be the ultimate companion to any remote destination. Go Anywhere.

*Accessory to the Fugoo Bluetooth Speakers, Speaker Not Included*

Product Details

Play hard. Play fast. Get pumped. With the FUGOO Sport Jacket, no game is too intense and no crowd is too fancy. Sure the Sport Jacket is a cool uniform for this elite sound quality speaker, but let’s face it—when it comes to winning the game, it’s the tough that survive... and FUGOO Sport was built to play with the big boys. Drop it, wet it, muddy it up, kick it around. The FUGOO Sport Jacket can take it, and it’ll still look great when the game is over.

Note: This is for the jacket only. The core is not included.


Developed by those who live the motto “Play hard or go home,” the FUGOO Sport Jacket is ready for all active occasions, night or day, rain or shine. Whether you’re lounging on the lake, taking in the rays, or doing 45 in your twin turbo Mastercraft, FUGOO Sport is ready for the ride. The Sport Jacket was built with waterproof super-durable cloth, bonded to a fiber-reinforced resin shell, and wrapped in resilient rubber trim. Drop it, splash it, soak it, whatever. FUGOO Sport lives for this.


Jackson stops for nothing. Down the field, he’s a race horse. On the beach, his volleyball buddies call him “Crash.” We can only guess as to why. It’s no wonder Crash tells us, “I needed a speaker that could keep up with me. I tried a bunch of others, but the rough ones sounded like #@*%, and the clear ones broke after a week. FUGOO Sport has been with me now for so long I can’t remember. I love it. Sounds great, last forever, and I never have to worry about it breaking. This speaker will die with me… Hopefully that won’t be too soon.” He laughs. We hope so too, Jackson.