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SIRT 110f Pro RG - Purple Metal Slide & Green Shot Laser

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Developed by shooters for the education of shooters, the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol is a safe and revolutionary system for developing and honing live-fire shooting skills. Designed to model the ergonomic and comfortable feel of the Glock 17/22, the pistol is comparable in weight and features to the real thing. For the GovX member interested in keeping costs down and strengthening accuracy and fire mechanics, choose the SIRT system and start practicing.

The Pro model is the same weight as a live-fire Glock 17/22 and features a durable metal slide.

Purple metal slide / Green Shot Indicating Laser

Product Details

  • Purple metal slide
  • Same weight as a live-fire Glock 17/22.
  • Dual laser system features a Green Shot Indicating Lasered Trigger Prep laser—Trains the user to sync up prepping the shot with taking the shot.
  • Can invert red and green lasers.
  • High contrast green laser ideal for outdoor training in variety of light conditions.
  • Standard pistol sights.
  • Includes one weighted training magazine.
  • Includes one DVD: "NLT Intro Training"

Fully functional rail

Just as you would on your live fire weapon, mount a tactical light or other attachments directly onto your training pistol's rail.

Ergonomic frame

All the comfort and form-fitting grip of the popular Glock 17/22. When fully assembled, weight is comparable to the real thing.

Adjustable resetting trigger

The SIRT's trigger allows for multiple pulls without racking the slide, encouraging repetition and sustained practice during your training session.

Weighted training mag

Simulate reloading with this imitation magazine with rubberized base plate.

Dual indicator lasers

Prep the shot. Take the shot. The first Trigger Prep indicating laser gives you immediate feedback on your trigger mechanics. A secondary indicating laser gives you shot indication feedback on your follow-through. Watch the video below!