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Hobie Polarized

About Hobie® Polarized

*Hobie ships out of New York City

During the summer of 1950, with a love for woodworking and the ocean in hand, and a dream of never having to wear hard-soled shoes, Hobie Alter charted a course that would forever influence the “Sport of Kings.” Described by his peers as a man of great imagination, Hobie started out shaping surfboards for friends in his family’s Laguna Beach garage, and ended up shaping a culture.

In 1954 Hobie opened the first “surf shop” that specifically manufactured and sold surfboards. Four years later, in 1958, Hobie and Gordon Clark began experimenting with foam and Fiberglass, creating boards that were quicker and more responsive than the wood boards available at the time.

In the late 1960s, Hobie developed a prototype for a lightweight, fast, and fun catamaran, which ultimately led to the Hobie Cats, the catamarans holding the distinction of being the world’s best selling sail boats.

Hobie® Polarized since 1982

Hobie® Polarized, the original polarized sunglasses since 1982, has had an extensive and significant impact on the sunglass industry, introducing and pushing limits of technology and style. The brand’s innovative polarized lens technology allows total glare reduction, 100% UV protection, enhances contrast and provides optimum visual acuity. Hobie® Polarized glasses are sold worldwide and are used by watermen at all skill and lifestyle levels — these are sunglasses for surfing, sunglasses for sailing and sunglasses for water sport of any kind.