5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical

About 5.11 Tactical

Before 5.11 Tactical came on board the site, it was the most requested brand among GovX members, and we've got the emails and phone calls to prove it. Our friends at 5.11 got started making tactical pants that found their way to the FBI’s training academy in Quantico, Virginia. If they’re good enough for the feds, they’re good enough for the rest of the members who make up the GovX community. Offering all kinds of uniform-compliant pants, footwear, bags, and more, the 5.11 Tactical military discount available here includes the whole package.

A few words about 5.11 apparel: This brand’s clothing, most notoriously their tactical pants, offers total range of motion. When every second counts, especially in a high-risk scenario, you need the kind of clothing that will let you move quickly and access the gear that can either save your life, or someone else’s. We’re talking about pants made out of a durable nylon/spandex blend with just the right amount of stretch to let you into the fight, and side panels, large enough for an AR mag, that ensure you’re prepared for anything.

When you’re not preparing for full-scale war, consider that 5.11 clothing looks cool, calculating, and slick. Covert and stealthy button downs, khakis, field jackets, pro vests, lace-up shoes, and travel bags give you this sharp blend of tactical and professional, allowing you to go from the office to the operation without missing a moment.

And 5.11 doesn’t stop there. With an expansive line of mag pouches, ammo bandoliers, holsters, chest rigs, duty gloves, headlamps, watches, and sunglasses, 5.11 Tactical literally—excuse the cliché here—has you covered from head to toe.

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