Scooch Case

Scooch Case


Compatible with Apple and Samsung products, Scooch has two product lines, CLIPSTIC PRO and CLIPSTIC SLIM. Both cases offer a 4 in 1 value for consumers.

MOUNT IT: Functionality of the clip located on the back of the case allows phones to clip into air vents in cars making it easier for commuters to have access to their devices.

GRIP IT: Easier gripping for smartphone users thanks to the clip that pops out when pushed.

KICK IT: Laid back use for users that like to have their mobile devices handy at all time. Kick the clip back for easier viewing of the screen without having to hold your phone.

PROTECT IT: Compared to other phone cases, the Scooch case offers safekeeping for your mobile device and defense against falls, bumps, and accidents.

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