Predator Warpaint

Predator Warpaint

Who We Are

Predator Warpaint is the first camo face paint to incorporate the latest in sunscreen technology to protect against the sun’s damaging rays. We have built the next generation of camo face paint based on a glaring need that our founder identified during military service in the SEAL Teams. Our formula is SPF 50, water resistant, sweat resistant, non-migrating, and overall extremely durable in the most extreme environments. We provide our customers with the most effective camo face paint, period. Predator Warpaint is a veteran owned company that is committed to making our high quality products in the USA.

3 Color Tin

The Predator Warpaint 3 color tin was designed with the ultimate outdoorsman in mind. Our formula came from the necessity of needing a camo face paint that will be able to endure a full day in the back country but also provide SPF 50 full spectrum protection that no one else in the market is offering. This is the most durable face paint period. It is the same formula as our military grade camo face paint and has been through the same stress tests and received the same personal testimonies and commitments from not only hunters but military personnel worldwide. Along with warrior class skin protection you are also getting the highly reflective polycarbonate 2.5inch survival mirror under the lid as well as the metal bottle opener built into the container, for all your bottle opening needs. All of this, from the SPF 50 face paint to the super strong polyurethane container it comes in is proudly made in the USA.

5 Color Compact

The United States military demands the best. The men and women of our armed forces give all and require the best products period. That is why we have the only SPF 50 full spectrum protective camouflaged face paint in the world. To protect those that protect us. Our 5 color compact has gone through multiple rigorous stress tests to meet, and exceed, current military specifications. We can confidently state that our product provides unequalled concealment and protection to all that use it. This product, from the 4.5inch high quality polycarbonate mirror to the face paint itself, is proudly made in the United States.