About Vestal

*Vestal ships out of Southern California

Vestal collections are watches, eyewear, softgoods & accessories that fine-tune style and expression for the musically inspired individual. Established in 1997, Vestal is marketed and branded through friends, musicians, artists, and athletes who are immersed within music culture. Vestal can be found in specialty stores and finer boutiques around the world.

Watch Basics

The Watch Movement

Basically, all watches share the same components. What differentiates them from each other are the quality of the materials used, and the type of movement used to maintain time.

Watches and their components are made all over the world. There are two kinds of movements Swiss and Japanese. Watch making began in Geneva, Switzerland and to this day Switzerland is still the hub of the watch industry. When a watch says "Swiss" made it means the movement is completely manufactured in Switzerland – it was assembled, started, adjusted, and controlled by the manufacturer in Switzerland, using Swiss made parts. Japanese movements are made in Japan and many of their parts come from other Asian countries like China and Thailand. People tend to perceive Swiss made watches as more accurate and of better quality, however many fashion brands use a high quality Japanese movement. Mainly it is a personal preference when dealing with the fashion timepiece, as there is a range in quality of both types of movements.

The movement itself whether Swiss or Japanese, is the mechanism by which time is measured.

Vestal primarily uses quartz movements:

When the quartz movement burst onto the watch scene in the mid-60s, it revolutionized the watch industry. The Japanese had created a watch that was highly accurate, inexpensive and accessible to everyone. This ingenuity helped catapult the once humble wristwatch into a must have fashion accessory.

Water Resistance:

Water resistance can be a confusing concept. It is very important to understand what it is, how to maintain it, and what environments it does not apply to. The term ‘waterproof’ was discontinued in the late 1960s. The US FTC found it to be a misleading term and misrepresented the product – keeps water out under normal circumstances, not every circumstance. Water resistant means to what extent the watch can get wet, or withstand the pressure exerted by a specific amount of water. The degree to which a watch is made water resistant is indicated on either the case back or the watch face. The unit (ATM, Bar, M, or ft) refer to the rate of the pressure test. These numbers will tell one the amount of pressure the watch is manufactured to withstand. It does NOT refer to depth although this is a common misconception. It is important to remember that water resistance is measured at a static or motionless state under cold conditions. It does not take into consideration that pressure increases with velocity (motion). When you are swimming you are adding pressure simply by moving the watch in water. Think of a WR30M watch: Your pool is 10M deep so you should be safe right? Well, the force of your arm crashing down as you swim will exceed the static pressures the watch was rated for. You are likely exerting 100M worth of pressure on your watch. A person will not scuba dive to depths of 200M however, if one is scuba diving then a WR200M+ watch is recommended. Watches are made water resistant by gaskets or rubber rings that are used to seal openings around the crown, crystal and/or stem. Also, a crown and case back can screw down to seal out moisture.

Vestal Warranty

Vestal Watches & Eyewear have a warranty period of “3” years from the date of purchase. During the warranty period the product will be repaired or replaced with the same or similar model. If the watch or eyewear is defective it must be sent with a copy of the original receipt by mail. Vestal’s warranty is void if the product is disassembled in any manner by another source other than an in house Vestal Watch repair rep (excluding watch band sizing). The copy of the original receipt must clearly show the date of purchase and accompany the product when returned.


Remember leather is a cured portion of what was once a living, regeneration organ of a large land mammal. Ever since the leather that is now hugging your wrist was scraped off a carcass, it has lost blood flow, and thus lost its abilities to heal. So, avoid any of the following harm to your leather band: cuts, scrapes and burns. Also avoid submerging your leather in water. Water will ruin your leather. So don’t get it wet.


After wearing your watch in saltwater, rinse periodically in cool, fresh water to extend its life. Avoid wearing your watch in a steamy pool (hot tub, spa, etc.) or your watch will fog up.


If a customer’s battery is dead, please send the watch (with an approved RA number) to Vestal c/o Customer Service & Warranty Dept. Please do not hand deliver watches, they will not be accepted. You may also contact your local watch repair retailer. Battery life is approx. 3-5 years.


A cracked or smashed crystal is not covered under warranty, but can usually be replaced. We know that watches are a large ticket item and that accidents can happen, so to assist with this possible problem, we have a limited supply of replacement crystals and cases which can be sold back to the customer.