About Kaenon

Kaenon Polarized was born from intense passion and a clear desire to never compromise. Maybe it’s because of the way we were brought up and taught to strive for the best in all we do. Or because we choose not to settle for anything less. Or just that age has strengthened our willpower to forge ahead when others have told us that our vision could not be realized. Whatever caused this immutable force inside of us, one thing is certain: SR-91,® the world’s first non-compromising polarized lens, became a reality because we made the commitment to stay true to our values and to make possible what others said was impossible.

But that was just the beginning. After experiencing the superior clarity of SR-91 lenses, we knew we had to introduce industry-altering SR-91 polarized corrective lenses so everyone could enjoy its benefits. So we pioneered cutting-edge, computer-aided lens processing techniques and production methods which were years ahead of the larger industry players. Today our Rx eyewear is produced to rigorous quality control specifications, supported by excellent customer service, and promptly delivered. All this to ensure a better experience with Kaenon than any other brand.

Our conviction to never compromise isn’t just a way of thinking; it defines our way of living. We live our lives in pursuit of how we believe things should be. We question everything. We stay true to our own set of values. As a result, it is easy for us to filter the noise and make our decisions for ourselves. We’ve learned that we don’t have to compromise clarity for style, or comfort for performance.

We know you strive for the best, too. We know you’re not easily swayed by marketing spin. So don’t take our word for it. Go out and try on a pair of our sunglasses. Compare us to the others. Then decide for yourself. How do you want to view the world?

***Product ships from Southern California***


In 2001, Kaenon started with a revolutionary lens material – SR-91 – which we developed because no other polarized lens on the market lived up to the standards that matched with our active lifestyle.

Today, we continue on our path to perfection as do those who make Kaenon their eyewear brand of choice. Through advanced lens technology and by infusing comfort and style into every piece of eyewear we create, we are proud to showcase a collection of eyewear, designed in Newport Beach and hand-painted in Italy, that embodies our commitment to premium craftsmanship and a strong desire to never compromise quality, comfort or performance.


Glass wasn’t strong enough. Polycarbonate wasn’t clear enough. Neither material allowed for adequate customization of tints and Light Transmission Levels. So we set out to develop our own, completely new polarized lens material. Kaenon’s proprietary SR-91 is the only polarized lens that combines the superior optical quality of the finest glass and the lightest weight, strength and impact resistance of polycarbonate. Only the best properties. No compromises. No short-cuts.

SR-91 was created with performance in mind – requiring extreme light weight and impact-resistance, for the ultimate protection from more than the sun. SR-91 exceeds ANSI Z.87.1 standards for high impact resistance. Paired with Glare 86®, Kaenon’s exclusive and proprietary polarizing element, our proprietary lens technology reduces glare up to 99.9%. At an incredible 30 microns thin, Glare 86 is completely encapsulated inside the lens. Ultra-lightweight and thin, SR-91 material has a naturally high strength-to-weight ratio. This translates into comfort, when worn for extended periods of time. Not stopping there, SR-91, despite its lightweight properties, is an extremely durable lens material which features superior scratch-resistance as compared to polycarbonate lenses, providing razor-sharp clarity.

Frame Materials

For maximum function and sport performance we use the highest quality TR-90 to construct all of our Kore Performance, Lifestyle, Women’s and Optical frames. We chose TR-90 because of its durability, flexibility, light weight and comfort. And because TR-90 retains memory and is temperature resistant, our frames won’t lose their shape or ever need adjustment. We manufacture all of our TR-90 frames in Italy because of its reputation for quality eyewear production and craftsmanship.

Our metal alloy frames are manufactured in Japan and maintain a good strength to weight ratio. Hypo-allergenic by design, all our metal frames suit anyone looking for a distinct style.