Our Story

Few brands are created to meet the specific needs of a world-class athlete. Mizu was. Not many companies truly live the life they sell, day in, day out. Mizu does. A handful of brands put the planet before profit. Mizu is one of them.

In 2008, pro-snowboarder, Jussi Oksanen had a vision: to curate a line of reusable products with both function and design. Products for the creative, the style-focused, the never-say-no-to-an-adventure type. People just like you! Whether it’s climbing mountains, searching for that perfect wave, off-roading desert dunes, or traveling to the far-flung corners of the planet, you always live life to the fullest – and so does Jussi. His fruitless search for products that could meet the demands of not just active lifestyles, but also professional athletes, led to the creation of Mizu. And did we mention we’re leading the way for eco-conscious business too? Just ask SIMA.

At Mizu, we don’t just sell an adventure rich lifestyle, we live it. From our global team of athletes, photographers, and explorers right down to the people developing our products, we spend half our lives outdoors running our gear into the ground. So don’t worry – we’ve got you covered for round the clock icy cold water, steaming hot coffee, scratch proof finishes, lifetime warranties, and so much more because it’s what we need too. But who says a kick-ass product can’t be good looking at the same time? Not Mizu. Which is why we focus on elevated design, innovative finishes and a final product that you’ll want to own as much for how it looks as how it functions.

We are not afraid to put the environment before our bottom line. We’ve seen too much not to take action. From pristine powder fields in Alaska to remote Balinese reef breaks, we’ve seen first hand how plastic water bottles and other single-use plastic waste are destroying our playgrounds. Action is better than words, so in 2015 we created a non-profit foundation – www.protectingwhereweplay.org – tasked with providing free-to-use water stations in mountain resorts, beaches, skate parks etc. Every single-use plastic water bottle we prevent is a victory to us.

Our path at Mizu is an authentic one. From our very beginnings to our ongoing mission, we have blazed a trail by engineering products that reflect who are and where we want to go.

Join us for the ride.