About Majestic

The real experience is inside the action. Inside is where the celebrations are, the games are won and all eyes are riveted. To be inside, you have to know the game, you have to lead, and you have to bring it every day. At Majestic, we bring you inside the action. Through innovative design and sports insider connectivity, Majestic establishes the code for what's worn where the real action is. Inside the center of the action, it's Majestic.

For athletes - Through focus and innovation, Majestic is the leader in developing new styles for the specific performance needs of athletes in their particular sport. That is why Major League Baseball trusts Majestic to be their on-field partner.

For fans - Majestic is for the enthusiastic fan that leads their crowd. Majestic is the first to bring new graphics and styles to market. Since no two communities are alike, Majestic customizes designs to reflect the unique passion of each fan base.

Since 1976 our U.S.-based team has been bringing new styles and graphics to market. In 2014, we proudly celebrate our 30th Anniversary of being on-field as part of the Major League Baseball Authentic Collection™.

Authentic Major League Baseball® uniforms worn on-field are produced in Majestic's Easton, Pennsylvania facility. Since 1976, Majestic's talented craftspeople have put their attention to detail and pride in workmanship into every stitch. Majestic makes more than 1 million jerseys per year. Custom orders from are manufactured by the same team who outfit Baseball's heroes.

At Majestic, we are Always Game for you. In 1976, Majestic was started in Bangor, Pennsylvania under the idea that Majestic was more than an apparel brand. To us, a jersey is more than a jersey. The colors, fabric and thread of our work are meticulously woven together with the tenacity and determination of our team and the teams that wear them on the field. The result is pure Majestic - a commitment to constant improvement, intense focus and precise execution. Our attention to detail and pride in workmanship show in every stitch. That is why we have been entrusted by major sporting leagues for more than 38 years, and how we earned Major League Baseball Authentic Collection™ rights. Whatever your team or colors, at Majestic we are Always Game.

Making of a MLB On-Field Jersey