Stella Valle

Stella Valle

Our Story

Paige and Ashley, the sister-duo behind the jewelry line Stella Valle, are West Point Graduates and former U.S. Army Officers turned jewelry designers. After partnering with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban, on ABC’s Shark Tank, the team designed Women Warriors by Stella Valle. Drawing from the military adornments that the sisters once wore, the line will inspire you to be a warrior for what you want in life.

Women Warriors by Stella Valle is proud to partner with Fatigues to Fabulous by providing jewelry to homeless or at-risk Veteran women to help them re-acclimate back to everyday life and feel beautiful.

Our Company

MISSION | Build a profitable company with happy employees that create and sell quality and unique jewelry to inspire and empower women

VISION | A global fashion brand that inspires and empowers women to embrace their authentic self and strive to achieve their life’s goals and dreams

Our Motto

Women Warriors | BE ONE.

Women Warriors