About Croton

Switzerland, an iconic country famous for a people of an impeccable nature, from whom the most precise instruments of time measurement are generated, located in a region that is married to the greatest producer of high fashion the world over, Italy. Within the Italian landscape lies a city, historically known for the intelligence, strength and physical beauty of its inhabitants; CROTON.

The global position of a land possessing people who excelled at precision, strength and beauty led to the natural selection of Croton as the namesake for a timepiece company who sought to establish its very essence on quality, precision and style back in 1878, more than 130 years ago.

As Croton evolved through the years it remained loyal to its origins, always striving to innovate and captivate consumers with its ability to consistently create highly sought after timepieces, ever so precise, at a value all are quick to recognize. By the mid 1900’s Croton had become one of the most sought after and respected names in watches. In 1991 the brand was acquired by Nationwide Time, a family owned business specializing in the manufacture and wholesale of fine timepieces for generations. Nationwide Time had been searching for the right brand to infuse their experience, energy and passion into and they found it in Croton. Nationwide Time President David Mermelstein explains “ our family had been quite successful in the watch business since the 1960’s. We were looking to take our business to the next level and we knew that the time had come to either create or acquire a brand that we could build and work with, for generations to come. When we learned about Croton’s rich and prestigious history coupled with the fact that like our company, Croton had always been family owned, we instinctively knew that Croton was exactly what we had been waiting for.”

From the start, the Mermelsteins' goal for Croton was clear; to embellish Croton’s already stellar image by producing the highest quality timepieces at the best value possible, supported by a rare lifetime warranty on every watch movement. Within this very demanding framework, Croton assembled an impressive team of experts who continually challenged themselves to produce wonderous time tracking devices, built from concept to production, by the very best designers and craftsmen utilizing the very finest materials available.

Demand for Croton merchandise has never been stronger with more than one million watches sold in 2007 alone, and continuing its growth through 2012. To meet those demands, production has increased to a minimum of 250 new styles annually. Croton has unequivocally established itself as the “benchmark of quality, precision, style and design” within the timepiece industry. With over 6000 points of distribution in place, Croton has become a recognized brand name that resonates affectionately with retailers and consumers alike. In addition to Crotons retail presence, the brand also sits at the pinnacle of some of the most watched shopping channels like WowTV, JTV and HSN, reaching an estimated 100 million homes on a monthly basis. Croton has expanded to other parts of the world and are now on shopping channels in Canada, England, Italy, Australia and soon to come, Japan. Croton has also extended its distributorship to jewelery stores and department stores in Europe and Canada.

Open just about any timepiece publication and most likely you will find advertisements, editorials or both featuring the Croton brand name. Croton’s popularity has increased significantly, not only with the general public, but the celebrity set as well. Some of the Hollywood’s most recognizable names are Croton owners such as; Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Natalie Cole, Quincy Jones, Joe Mantegna and Josh Groban just to name a few.

In 2007, Croton reached a milestone with its 130th anniversary and reinvented itself as the “Croton Group.” Based on the company’s winning philosophy of creating high quality, value based products, the “Croton Group” segmented its portfolio of brands, which include Nicolet, Andre Girroud, Manhattan and Paul DuPree each targeting specific demographics and price points, as well as its first foray into the prestigious exotic leather goods market, with the introduction of its Nina Raye handbag and accessories collection.