Britta Ambauen

Britta Ambauen

Jewelry To Inspire

Britta Ambauen jewelry balances simplicity and intricacy, sophistication and youthfulness. My designs feature clean lines, delicate details, and unique forms. I draws inspiration from art, nature, and life experiences.

I believe our thoughts are extremely powerful. Ideas and beliefs that we revisit day after day, guide our choices and become reality. Wearing a piece of jewelry that represents something meaningful, can help remind us to choose thoughts that give us strength, hope, direction, connection, or whatever it is we need. I strive the create jewelry that is meaningful to the wearer.

Hand crafted at my studio in Austin, TX, Britta Ambauen jewelry is made by a small team of talented and jewelry artists. When not giggling and chatting, we like to listen to podcasts like "Mystery Show", "RadioLab" and "The Moth." Materials include sterling silver, 14k gold fill, 14k gold, semi-precious and precious gems, silk, and leather. We use a wide variety of techniques including wire wrapping, intricate cutting, bezel setting, and etching to create an eclectic product line. I feel very fortunate to work with such vibrant, kind, and creative women.

I earned my BFA in fine art from the University of Colorado, Boulder with an emphasis on printmaking, and a passion for multi-plate intaglio etching. I began my career in jewelry design after college as an apprentice at Angie Star Jewelry in Boulder, CO. There I learned the basics of silversmithing, and met a community of joyful, artistic, supportive, sparkly women. I moved on to other jobs, for a time, in advertising and outdoor education, but the jewelry bench in the corner of my living room was visited everyday.

After years of collecting tools, experimenting with techniques, and developing my own style style as a designer, I launched my jewelry line in 2009, with the goal of creating artistic jewelry that inspires the wearer. While getting my business off the ground, I helped produce jewelry for other amazing women and learned from their way of running businesses. For the first few years, I sold my creations at street markets and art fairs, observing people interact with and respond to my jewelry, and learning to confidently interact with customers. Sales grew and I kept learning.

Today, my jewelry is sold across the country in boutiques, and online and in catalogs with many wonderful companies, on my website, and at the occasional craft fair. I feel like the years of energy I put out is flowing back. Its a powerful time in my company's history. I am so excited for all that lies ahead.

Beyond the studio, I like to run, swim, cook, and do yoga. My other artistic mediums include painting, drawing, photography, creative writing, bookbinding, and, printmaking.