SISU is a company that chooses to inspire our audience not only with our product but also by aligning with those who inspire us and personify that which is SISU ... the bold, courageous spirit that we find so admirable. We are interested in those who display an uncompromising dedication to achieving excellence in their craft while at the same time displaying a high degree of integrity, sportsmanship and compassion. Just as we strive to create bold, authentic and timeless designs, we also look for those same qualities in our audience...people who not only excel at their craft but also create a living legacy that inspires others to embrace the same ideals. This is how we define our culture.


"The world doesn’t need another watch" is an obviously true statement that immediately springs to mind when one commits to creating a timepiece. Yet again, functional objects never seem to be functional enough, and personal objects never quite seem personal enough. Inspiration comes from the certainty that a contribution can be made, that anything can be improved, that the act of creation leads to a brighter future and more enjoyment. Inspiration also comes from all the things that seem to have always been there, that don’t go out of style and continue to be what they are because they make sense and are the best at what they do. The SISU collection is functional and utilitarian. Our features echo the purposeful aesthetics of instruments and tools. SISU timepieces are quintessentially masculine and personal machine tools. Their purpose is to become extensions of their owners as trusted everyday companions. Their sheer heft, sculpted bracelets and bold, clean dials are uniquely without compromise.


We have made a commitment to create the most bold, masculine and unique timepiece available. We demand the best materials that we know to exist and we refuse to compromise at any juncture of design or manufacturing, bringing you the most handsome, most beautifully crafted watch on the market today. From our surgical grade stainless steel cases and Swiss-made mechanical movements to our gorgeous sapphire crystal lenses and impeccable Swiss craftsmanship, we’re confident that our watch will captivate and compel.


In our commitment to create bold and masculine timepieces, we chose to size our creations accordingly. This choice brought with it inherent design challenges as a result of the sheer heft of the SISU watch. Our objective was that of industrial elegance ... to produce a large, substantial timepiece yet retain a certain elegance and anatomically pleasing aesthetic. This meant that we had to focus on symmetry and balance. We did not stop with mere case design ... we extended our design language and attention all of the way around the wrist. In addition to creating a large and proportionate watch, we had to consider the anatomical challenge of fit. A watch this large had to have a pleasing fit. We have accomplished this as our metal bracelets are not only aggressively elegant and wide but they fit very nicely on almost any size wrist. Our rubber bracelets are every bit as pleasing as the metal versions in addition to being substantially lighter in weight.

We certainly have rejected conventional ideas when it comes to watch making. Just as we strive to create bold, authentic and timeless designs, we also hope to inspire you with a stylish sculpture for your wrist.