About Badlands

At Badlands, we’ve always looked up to brands that push the envelope – brands that live and breathe technology, performance and quality. Brands whose No. 1 priority is customer satisfaction.

Twenty years of tinkering, testing and, frankly, a little mad science, has shaped us into the kind of brand we’ve always admired. A brand where “unconditional” isn’t just a word – it’s a cornerstone of our business, in how we guarantee our hunting packs and camo gear and how we work to create products that put our customer at the center of everything.

Badlands is a place where a simple hunting story can spawn an entire new product line, or a phone call with a customer can lead us in a direction we never imagined. It’s a place where nobody has to ask, “Where’s Steve?” because everyone knows he’s out in the mountains of our backyard, doing product research by throwing a pack down the hill or trekking through the thickest brush he can find. It’s a place of vision, of organized chaos and an unconditional desire to make the best hunting gear on the planet. It’s a place we built for you.

At Badlands, we remain focused on four components to making the best hunting products in the world: Performance, Quality, Comfort and Warranty.

Performance: No other hunting pack company in the world understands the dynamics of carrying large loads better than Badlands.

Quality: Compare our backpacks with any other manufacturer stitch for stitch and see for yourself the quality in every Badlands hunting product.

Comfort: We spend a lot of time using and abusing the products we make. Thus, everything we make is designed to stay comfortable, even when you’re overloaded, exhausted and hiking that dreaded last mile back to the truck.

Warranty: Badlands offers the only UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY you will find in the hunting business. We know our products are the world’s best, and that’s why we back them up with a warranty you can’t find anywhere else.

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