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Crazy as this may sound, since birth you might say I’ve been a bit of a "sock freak." Growing up, the average lifespan of my cotton socks was a matter of weeks. Once they lost that new feeling or started balling up in the heel or toe, they were history.

Without even realizing and by no fault of my own, I’d become a sock snob. Over the years I turned into an “enthusiast,” which lead me on a mission to create the perfect performance sock!

The idea for creating the perfect compression socks for everyday life was a combination of two things: endurance sports and a lifelong love of the gentleman’s game.

When not in the office, I found myself either training, racing or recovering. As the years passed by, I quickly learned that the recovery process is a true science and instantly fell in love with compression clothing and the benefits it provided.

Compression socks have become commonplace for endurance athletes, but still haven’t become the norm for everyday activities. We continue to work every day, sharing the benefits that compression apparel can offer.

In reality, compression socks are great for anyone who spends the day on their feet will experience the benefits of our performance socks. This includes travel, golf, work or even managing circulation issues, just to name a few.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to make the best products available!

Eric D. Smith