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About Home Source International

Home Source International was started in 2000 by Keith Sorgeloos, the current President, C.E.O. and Owner. Keith's experience as a retailer, marketer, and head of WestPoint Stevens Asia convinced him that there was potential in developing innovative product outside the U.S to sell to U.S. - based retailers.

The initial years of the company were focused on development of unique bed and bath products in China and India. The primary focus was to develop the softest and most absorbent towel ever made.

The TWO-YEAR process resulted in the MicroCotton Towel, which was deemed the BEST TOWEL IN THE MARKET by Real Simple magazine in 2002.

Development was also going forward in China with a focus on Rayon from Bamboo bedding products which resulted in the launch of the first 100% Rayon from Bamboo fabric sheets and coverlets within the U.S. Market. Rayon from Bamboo bedding products, provided enhanced selling features, over 100% cotton fabric, such as improved performance characteristics, a moisture management fabric, creating the softest bedding fabric ever made.

Home Source initially marketed these products and shipped them via direct import vehicles to the retailer. As the business grew, third party warehousing and logistics were added and then our own facilities were put in place in order to provide better replenishment and a larger range of services to our customers. As a result, Home Source grew to be a known and sought-after home textiles provider for high-end corporations, specialty retail boutiques and individual consumers.

Home Source continues to provide quality imported textiles as it works towards its goal to support and grow domestic manufacturing in the United States. Home Source strives to be known as the foremost all-inclusive provider for outfitting your home through local manufacturing of textiles, lighting and furniture.

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