About TYLT

TYLT lives at the forefront of innovation in mobile accessories, empowering users to redefine the norm. By starting with the most powerful products that currently exist in a category and innovating up, TYLT promises the most sophisticated technology available and forward design.

Clever, multifunctional designs such as the ENERGI Sliding Power Cases, a 2-in-1 product with a protective inner case which slides out of the power sleeve and the 2-in-1 SMART Chargers with built in batteries providing the dual function of a wall charger AND a portable charger, are TYLT icons.

Emerging as the preeminent leader in wireless charging, the edgy, architectural, futuristic VU Wireless Charging line has won acclaim from the most respected tech reviewers and tech savvy consumers alike. Since 2011 TYLT has received 11 Consumer Electronics Association Innovations Awards and the prestigious IDEA Award for packaging design.

VU Wireless Charging Car Mount