About TRX

TRX is committed to helping customers achieve their peak physical condition. With gear that can be used practically anywhere, and supported by a host of exercise programs, TRX Training aims to change the way you perform. This line of Suspension Training and RIP Training equipment is built for athletes training for sport, soldiers training for combat, and professional trainers preparing to help their clients. It’s a complete training system that targets the whole body, especially the muscles around the spine, making them more stable and less prone to injury. And the best part is, you can take it anywhere. It’s the perfect workout solution for the GovX member.

The perfect training solution for every GovX member

TRX makes the kind of world-class training products that can be used anywhere, by anyone. Are you deployed in a forward operating base? Mount up your TRX kit on the side of a Humvee and get to work. Are you a frequent commuter who spends a lot of time on the road and in hotels? Bring your own portable gym to stay fit and focused. Are you a stay-at-home parent, and your child just went down for a nap? Take advantage of the downtime and do some reps in the comfort of your living room. If your lifestyle takes you to places where a gym isn’t available to you, choose the TRX system for a portable workout solution that’ll push you to your limits and make you feel your very best.

A few words to the GovX member: If you find TRX gear anywhere else online at a price that beats our own, give us a call—888-468-5511—before you hit the add-to-cart button. This is a hugely popular item, and TRX only authorizes a few vendors, GovX included. Only at GovX can you get your TRX military discount, and it’s an authentic, authorized product.