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About Liquid Courage Flasks

We are Tyler and Amy Fisk, husband and wife, and the owners and creators of Liquid Courage Flasks™. We have been selling online through various venues since 2003. In 2010, we decided to make the leap from selling items made by others to selling items that we make. We both grew up making all sorts of arts and crafts and decided to combine our hobbies with our online business experience and the result was Liquid Courage Flasks™.

We launched our shop, Liquid Courage, on Etsy in May 2010. This lead us into an unexpected discovery of the print industry where we learned various print techniques and processes through many years of experiments and research. We started by selling "Bride" and "Groom" designs, then expanded to bridal party flasks, and it has grown and expanded more than we could have ever dreamed of to lead us to open our own ecommerce site.

Liquid Courage Flasks™ are unique handmade creations designed, printed, and applied in Tennessee. Our designs are professionally printed on high quality vinyl and permanently adhered to the flask. The designs/patterns wrap completely around the flask and overlap in the back. The vinyl that we use is waterproof and smooth to the touch. These are NOT simply paper coated with sealant. Quality is our top priority and we wanted our products to be the best, which is why we've taken our design to this level. Our Story Tyler has an Accounting degree from Tennessee Technological University, and Amy has a bachelor's degree in Marketing and an MBA in Accounting from TTU as well. Upon graduating, we tried "real, grown-up jobs" - Tyler as a general manager at a greenhouse manufacturing company, and Amy as a staff accountant for a nationwide manufacturing company. We spent a couple of years working for "the man" a desk eight hours a day...fifty weeks a year. We finally decided to follow our dream of becoming entrepreneurs, pursue our passion, and determine our own future with hands on approach. We chose the path less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.