Fieldworks Supply Company

Fieldworks Supply Company

About Fieldworks Supply Company

We're a Portland, Oregon-based maker of small-batch, hand-made shave and grooming products for men. Every Fieldworks product is hand-crafted from simple, natural, beneficial ingredients… and made with the highest integrity. We formulate our products to be simple, all-natural, and to use as few ingredients as possible, so you get products that are wholesome, respect the earth and respect your skin, too.

Bentonite clay is the signature ingredient in our products. It's finely-weathered volcanic ash that's found in great abundance throughout the American West. It's the perfect carrier for our beneficial oils and plant extracts, and in our cleansers it's great at naturally drawing away grime.

You'll find Fieldworks Supply Company balms, cleansers and men's shaving products on this great website where high-quality, hand-crafted and wholesome products belong.

*These products ship from Oregon*

Good, clean mud.

We support hard work with products hand-crafted from simple, beneficial ingredients… and made with the highest integrity.