We believe the human body is designed to feel good. Not beat up, broken down and begging for the couch. And we want more than just an endorphin rush. We want the all day, every day high that comes when your body is your partner, not your servant. Sure, we work them hard. But then we rest. We hydrate. We’ll get down and bust out a roll in the middle of the office. We don’t mind if you stare. Because we know results are made by respect. And we believe these simple things can change your life. Seriously.
We are MOBOT Nation. And we are designed to feel good.

These four simple things are essential for life, not just to survive but to thrive. This is why we created the MOBOT, the world’s first and only tool to deliver hydration and massage in one portable, eco-friendly package – so both your body and soul can feel good, everywhere you go.

***MOBOT ships out of Los Angeles, CA***

Mobility Bottle Basic Roll Sequence