About Leatherman

Leatherman Tool Group was founded in 1983 In Portland, Oregon by Tim Leatherman. After 8 years of designing, tweaking, more designing and knocking on doors, Tim made his first sale in 1983 and we continue to design and produce multi-tools and knives from Portland, Oregon.

*These products ship from Oregon*

The American Multi-Tool

These handy multi-tools and knives, have seen it all. They’ve starred in everything from Oscar-winning movies to everyday scenarios with moms, dads, friends, aunts, uncles and more the world over. They’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly and even a few battlefields. They’ve pulled teeth, helped deliver babies, saved lives and we’re told by avid fans have more than 1000 uses.

GovX says...

You... you know what I like about you? You're a doer. At GovX, we've got an army of doers as our members. The kind of men and women who get it done. Whatever the job is, you get to it, and you don't stop until you're sitting under the cool shade of accomplishment.

That's why we've brought Leatherman on board. Yeah... that Leatherman. You've probably heard of them. Established in Portland in 1983, and building homegrown American multitools ever since.

Leatherman is a family of doers. As they describe themselves, they're a group of "fixers, outdoor enthusiasts, former servicemembers, and adventure seekers." Sounds like our kind of guys.

From the versatile MUT EOD tool-useful for clearing jams in a AR-15's ejection port-to the pocket-sized emergency Skeletool-useful for when you're in a jam - Leatherman has got you covered for whatever job you get done. Oh, and did I mention they fully backup their warranty for 25 years? That's the kind of commitment to the GovX lifestyle that we admire, and that's why we've got them available to you now. Let's get to the doing, shall we?