About 2(X)IST

From the start, 2(X)IST set out to provide cutting-edge styles for men who want to feel and look their best. And that mission was accomplished by developing unique design innovations that addressed men’s needs and complemented their active lives. Since 1991, those same game-changing innovations are now iconic design elements that make their way into everything 2(X)IST creates. The intent remains the same—namely, providing forward-thinking fashions for a confident, modern man—but now 2(X)IST is making time to fit into your life 24/7/365.

Introducing 2(X)IST WATCHES. The same attention to materials, technology and design that you expect from 2(X)IST is integrated into every timepiece. It’s what’s next for 2(X)IST, with the promise to deliver a watch with high design, superior value, and peak performance. All because you never forget your first time...

When the time came to translate 2(X)IST’s iconic design elements into watches, a collaboration was formed with renowned designer Jason Wilbur. Taking cues from 2(X) IST’s heritage in New York City, the NYC is a bold timepiece infused with the urban rebel spirit. And just like the metropolis that inspired it, the NYC is original, dynamic and ground-breaking. The NYC features a 6-part case construction, a three-hand movement suspended between watch crystals, floating numerals, and a custom pinion that enables the hour hand to sweep under the numerals and the minute hand sweep over. The effect? A multi-tiered timepiece that is stunningly architectural.

6-Part Case Construction

Staying true to 2(X)IST’s commitment to superior quality designs and materials, the NYC features a 6-part constructed case. Every screw unscrews, every element disassembles. No tricks or facades here. The case is available in a variety of alternative metals and colors, including; steel, anodized aluminum, and ABS.

*2(X)IST ships out of New Jersey