Developed in Israel for the world’s military and police services. Proven in lethal force encounters, the Fobus Concealed Carry Holster is a revolutionary step forward in holster design and technology. Fobus is the original manufacturer of injection molded polymer holsters. With this experience, Fobus is the leader in high-density polymer, with more models that fit the most handguns in the market place.

Fobus Features


The unique Fobus Roto-Holster™ system allows the user to utilize a patented locking adjustment system. The user has the ability to customize their cant (angle) with 40 different positions encompassing 360 degrees working for cross-draw, driver, small of the back and strong-side carry.

Each Fobus Roto-Holster™ utilizes the same features made famous by our standard line of holsters. With a flexible two-piece design the user can easily interchange any of the roto accessories. The Roto-Holster™ system is available for most current holster models. See fit chart for exact models


  • 360° ROTATION Patented locking adjustment system provides 40 possible positions incorporating 360 degrees. Simply loosen the Phillips head attachment screw, adjust and tighten for secure hold.
  • CONTOURED PADDLE A new roto one piece paddle and belt design allows for a lower profile and added strength. The paddle utilizes the same rubberized backing that adds 40 percent more flexibility in the paddle and reduces holster position slippage.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE With a flexible two-piece design the user can easily interchange any of the roto accessories. Simply loosen the Phillips head attachment screw, remove current attachment, replace with any roto accessory and tighten for a secure hold.

Fobus Roto Holster


Unlike other Level II holsters, there is no need to alter your presentation or grip. With a simple, smooth and quick motion the handgun is released, utilizing a natural draw stroke. A new and innovative way for providing quick access and Level II retention. The thumb falls naturally on the release lever and upon re-holstering a revolutionary retention concept engages the trigger guard to keep the handgun secure. Roto-Holster™ design allows for custom cant (angle) adjustment by the user. Holster includes both a paddle and belt attachment.

Fobus Action Lever

*Fobus ships out of Bensalem, Pennsylvania