Nine Line Apparel

Nine Line Apparel

About Nine Line Apparel

Brothers, Connecticut Yankees, and Army officers Daniel and Tyler Merritt started their company in a garage in 2012. They named it Nine Line Apparel, after the code name for an emergency medevac request, often the difference between life and death for the severely wounded.

Since then, they've grown their brand into a ferociously patriotic beast. Their shirts and designs speak to the warrior culture, those who protect and serve, and those who dedicate their lives to a cause greater than themselves. They are unapologetically American and relentlessly patriotic. You can read an interview with Daniel right here, which we lovingly titled "This T-Shirt Will Not Apologize for a Damn Thing".

And why should they? Nine Line Apparel is proud of who they are, proud of the veterans they support, and proud of the customers who wear their designs nationwide. At GovX, we're also proud to offer the Nine Line military discount to our members, because we think you'll appreciate the statement these brothers make.   

This is WHO WE ARE!