Black Rock Coolers

Black Rock Coolers


About Black Rock Coolers

*Ships from Belfair, Washington*

Black Rock Coolers is driven by a passion for outdoor recreation and the gear that makes it fun. We love the outdoors. We work hard, and we play in extreme conditions – desert hot, river wet, snow cold. We needed gear that would live up to those conditions over and over again. And, we needed it at a price we could afford.

And so, Black Rock Coolers was born. Our coolers are designed for superior performance in harsh conditions. They keep your things colder longer -- so that you can spend less time managing ice, and more time doing what you love.

Why Black Rock Coolers?

Black Rock Coolers contain two inches of closed-cell foam insulation throughout the base, walls, and lid (unlike many off-the-shelf brands). The hinge is an internal 8mm stainless steel pin that runs the length of the lid—serious durability for serious use.

Made of the same tough plastic as whitewater kayaks, these coolers can withstand the extremes of adventures in the heat and the cold.

These beefy coolers come in six sizes -- from 42 to 146 quarts -- perfect for rafting, hunting, fishing, and other serious outdoor play.