Whether you’re a law enforcer or lifesaver, soldier or servicemember, remaining in top physical condition is essential for getting your job done. HYLETE offers premium athletic apparel to the men and women who understand that training can mean the difference between a life saved and a life lost.

And mission critical performance aside, this gear is comfy. Shorts that don’t scrunch up in between sets of leg presses. Soft, breathable, shirts with just a little bit of extra stretch that moves with you during kettle-bell reps. The compression socks make your calves feel like caged animals waiting to be unleashed, and the performance jacket looks as razor sharp as you feel when you’re all finished up for the day.

HYLETE draws their name from the term “hybrid athlete,” one who combines a healthy variety of exercises to focus on the whole body instead of just single muscle groups. So what do you want to focus on? Interval training, calisthenics, strongman workouts, powerlifting? HYLETE coss training apparel might just inspire you to take it all on, because your work demands that you stay at the top of your game.

HYLETE heads down I-5 to our office every once in a while to say hello, and we’re always struck by how much they get it. They’re a group of ambitious sportsmen and women who are on board with offering a military discount on the best gear to the people who deserve it. (And they're all seriously jacked, too.) We all understand that training can save lives. Strength can save a life, just as much as speed and agility can. HYLETE is on board with the GovX mission of supporting those who defend our way of life and continue to serve us every day. Think about the man driving that ambulance, or the woman who rushes out of it when she arrives to a three-car pileup. Or the guy running into a burning building instead of out of it. Or what about the Marine on board a transport plane bound for one of the most hostile regions on earth? We all want these men and women in the top shape that they can possibly be in, because service and duty demands nothing less than their best.