ALPS Mountaineering

ALPS Mountaineering

About ALPS Mountaineering

ALPS Mountaineering was started in 1994 by Dennis Brune, who had 16 years of previous experience in the outdoor industry before starting ALPS. The products engineered by ALPS Mountaineering are designed with knowledge, by people like Dennis, who have been creating, testing, and selling backpacking and camping products for more than a quarter of a century.

Performance Oriented Products with Consumer Designs - Sure we have some of our own ideas, and yes we get some suggestions from our factories, but our best design suggestions come from our customers. A key factor in our success is that we really listen to you! We take your ideas and constantly make our products even better. Actually, this is the easy part of our business. The hard part is convincing our new customers that our products are designed with the performance and quality that we've mentioned and still are able to be so affordable.

Tough Durable Construction - We use only quality raw materials assembled at the best factories in the world to produce products that are worthy to say, "lifetime guaranteed" (against defects in materials and workmanship). ALPS Mountaineering products are designed with our outdoor consumers in mind. We send our stuff with people rafting the Grand Canyon, with people hiking the AT, and with folks doing day hikes on their favorite local trail to make sure our products perform in all of these very different environments. They're not indestructible... they will see normal wear and tear... but they are better made than most of their competing products you'll find.

Fantastic Prices - Until our customers can actually hold one of our products in their hands and carefully look it over, it's difficult to convey our quality and construction. We believe a comfortable pack or chair, a weatherproof tent, and a warm sleeping bag or air pad do not need to be expensive. Value can be defined as getting what you pay for. We define value as getting more than you pay for!


Regarding our products, the challenge we have is to convince you that we can deliver products that offer great designs, are loaded with plenty of features, are made with excellent quality … AND are also affordable. In our current economic situation, it’s extra important to evaluate all of our purchases. We think if you do your “homework” and fairly compare our products to those of our competitors, you’ll see we can offer you the best true value.

*ALPS Mountaineering ships out of Saint Louis, Missouri